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Collection: Men's Jackets

Whether the purpose is adding a layer during cooler nights, or dressing to impress, Psycho Bunny jackets offer form and functionality to meet every modern man's needs.

Men's Jackets

As men's jackets are a point of pride, they carry more importance than just being utilitarian outerwear. The function of a men's hooded jacket or a down-filled insulated puffer jacket can't be overstated in icy conditions, but the fit, quality, and style of each piece is as important as the purpose. Light jackets and summer jackets are both airy and made for supple movement, while track jackets can double-up as wither athleisure- or fashion-forward layers, depending on your pairing preferences. Zip-up jackets with a hood, much like men's rain jackets, are more equipped to safeguard against seasonal elements like wind and rain. But most importantly, Psycho Bunny jackets for men are designed to be an extension of your personality, bringing quality, confidence, and layering style to your wardrobe.

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